FINAL Club Championship Match Play Results!!!

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First Flight FINAL Results.pdf First Flight FINAL Results.pdf
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 32 Players signed up for this year's Club Championship. 
Single elimination match play with gross & net flights
Quarterfinal - Saturday AM
Semi Final - Saturday PM
Final - Sunday AM
(There will be no consolation bracket this year)
PAYOUT - 1st & 2nd place will receive golf shop credit.

The breakdown for flight's is as follows...
(The lower of your current handicap or low two tournament scores)

CHAMPIONSHIP (Gross) +2.2 thru 5.1

FIRST FLIGHT (Net) 5.2 thru 8.1

SECOND FLIGHT (Net) 8.3 thru 15.3

THIRD FLIGHT (Net) 16.3 thru 24.7